Corvallis Cat Care is a different kind of veterinary clinic.Cat_Friendly_Logo_Gold


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More than that, we place emphasis on caring.  Our doctors and staff take time to handle your cat in a calm and deliberate manner to ensure their good health.  We care about their health just as much as  you do and it is our mission to use our knowledge to help them toward deep healing.

We are also different because we are an integrative medical facility. This means we combine the best parts of conventional medicine with the most helpful parts of treatments often considered “alternative” medicine. By blending these two worlds we can offer your feline family members the best health care available.

We strive to maintain and strengthen your bond with your cat and keeping you informed by providing education about their health is an important part of that.  We know that your cat is more than just medical facts and as holistic practitioners, we strive to look deeper and connect the elements in their lives for a more complete picture of their health.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see one of our doctors, or use the request form at the upper right of the page.



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